Bexson Biomedical, The Conscious Fund & Microdose present The Ketamine Conference on August 21st-22nd.

Virtual Conferences

Until we can meet in person again, Microdose will host a series of online conferences.

Molecular Masterclasses

We team up with experts to discuss the science, history, culture, and business aspects of psychedelic molecules.

Fireside Chats

Discover the secrets of the psychedelic industry's most successful CEOs in intimate interviews - a free weekly virtual series by Microdose.

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All of the recordings for the Virtual Psychedelic Conference are now available online.


Chats with Industry Leaders

Each week, we'll be diving deep into the psychedelic startup scene, financing rounds, IPO tracks, the investment landscape and the operational side of running a high-performance psychedelic company.

Some of Our

Keynote Speakers

We've featured some of the brightest and influential people in psychedelics.

The McKenna Academy

A psychedelic luminary, who has founded the McKenna Academy for Natural Philosophy the first psychedelic university in 1500 years, since the Temple of Eleusis was sacked by the Goths in 396 A.D.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Richard “Rick” Doblin is the founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Centre for Psychedelic Research

Robin is Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Division of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London.

A Community of Psychonauts

1,100+ Attendees

A full course meal displaying the multifaceted layers of the global psychedelic community filled hopeful, passionate, talented and truly extraordinary people!

Steve from the Virtual Psychedelic Conference

A comprehensive conference with a great feeling of community. I cannot wait to tune in to the next one!

Barney from the Virtual Psychedelic Conference

This conference was an opportunity of a lifetime for learning information and networking. Great speakers and well organized. Hats off!!

Emily from the Virtual Psychedelic Conference


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Our virtual conference was filled with everything from discussions on the positive mental health benefits of psychedelic therapy for military veterans to watching a comedian blush over being on-screen alongside Dennis McKenna, with a few technical issues in between. You'll learn, you'll laugh, and maybe you'll cry. Who knows.




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